Nel passaggio delle ultime settimane, Instagram ha meravigliato utenti ed esperti su marketing come interessanti innovazione. A causa di questi giorni, ad norma, sono a causa di avvento nuove premura la messaggistica e la amministrazione su account multipli. Privo di troppi giri su , vediamo adesso su considerare su uso si tratto, siffatto presso né trovarci impreparati su facciata […]

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Nuova sopra traguardo per finta Google My Business sopra queste ore ha lanciato dei nuovi strumenti per finta ribadire alle recensioni semplificando e velocizzando le vecchie procedure. La ampio modernità sta tipico nella ottimizzazione delle procedure. Sopra questi mesi abbiamo come mai Google gabbia ininterrottamente la maggior parte spingendo GMB, particolarmente seguente l’comunicato della chiusa intorno a Google Plus, […]

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We essenza so much of our livelihood acceso good giorno, but managing that giorno properly is a task a causa di and of itself. Per mezzo di this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Dana DiTomaso shares why you need to keep your giorno clean and some of the apice things to watch out for.

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Televisione Transcription

Hi. My name is Dana DiTomaso. I am President and collaboratore at Kick Point. We’regnante a digital marketing agency, based a causa di the frozen north of Edmonton, Alberta. So today I’m going to be talking to you about giorno hygiene.

What I mean by that is the stuff that we see every single time we start working with a new client this stuff is always messed up. Sometimes it’s one of these four things. Sometimes it’s all four, sometimes there are extra things. So I’m going to cover this stuff today a causa di the hopes that perhaps the next time we get a profile from someone it is not quite as bad, if you at these things and see how bad it is, definitely start sitting and cleaning this stuff up.

1. Filters

So what we’regnante going to start with first are filters. By filters, I’m talking about analytics here, specifically Google Analytics. When go you into the admin of Google Analytics, there’s a section called Filters. There’s a section acceso the left, which is all the filters for everything a causa di that account, and then there’s a section for each view for filters. Filters help you exclude include specific traffic based acceso a set of parameters.

Filter out office, home office, and agency traffic

So usually what we’ll find is one Analytics property for your website, and it has one view, which is all website giorno which is the default that Analytics gives you, but then there are voto negativo filters, which means that you’regnante not excluding things like office traffic, your internal people visiting the website, home office. If you have a bunch of people who work from home, get their IP addresses, exclude them from this because you don’t necessarily want your internal traffic mucking up things like conversions, especially if you’regnante doing stuff like checking your own forms.

You haven’t had a lead a causa di a while and maybe you fill out the form to make sure it’s working. You don’t want that coming a causa di as a conversion and then screwing up your giorno, especially if you’regnante a low-volume website. If you have a million hits a day, then maybe this isn’t a problem for you. But if you’regnante like the rest of us and don’t necessarily have that much traffic, something like this can be a problem a causa di terms of the opera of traffic you see. Then agency traffic as well.

So agencies, please make sure that you’regnante filtering out your own traffic. Again things like your web developer, some contractor you worked with briefly, really make sure you’regnante filtering out all that stuff because you don’t want that polluting your main profile.

Create a saggio and staging view

The other thing that I recommend is creating what we call a saggio and staging view. Usually a causa di our Analytics profiles, we’ll have three different views. One we call master, and that’s the view that has all these filters applied to it.

So you’regnante only seeing the traffic that isn’t you. It’s the customers, people visiting your website, the real people, not your office people. Then the second view we call saggio and staging. So this is just your staging server, which is really nice. For example, if you have a different URL for your staging server, which you should, then you can just include that traffic. Then if you’regnante making enhancements to the site you upgraded your WordPress instance and you want to make sure that your goals are still firing correctly, you can do all that and see that it’s working a causa di the saggio and staging view without polluting your main view.

Verifica acceso a second property

That’s really helpful. Then the third thing is make sure to saggio acceso a second property. This is easy to do with Google Tag . What we’ll have set up a causa di most of our Google Tag accounts is we’ll have our usual analytics and most of the stuff goes to there. But then if we’regnante testing something new, like say the content consumption metric we started putting out this summer, then we want to make sure we set up a second Analytics view and we put the saggio, the new stuff that we’regnante trying over to the second Analytics property, not view.

So you have two different Analytics properties. One is your main property. This is where all the regular stuff goes. Then you have a second property, which is where you saggio things out, and this is really helpful to make sure that you’regnante not going to screw something up accidentally when you’regnante trying out some crazy new thing like content consumption, which can totally happen and has definitely happened as we were testing the product. You don’t want to pollute your main giorno with something different that you’regnante trying out.

So send something to a second property. You do this for websites. You always have a staging and a dal vivo. So why wouldn’t you do this for your analytics, where you have a staging and a dal vivo? So definitely consider setting up a second property.

2. Time zones

The next thing that we have a lot of problems with are time zones. Here’s what happens.

Let’s say your website, basic install of WordPress and you didn’t change the time zone a causa di WordPress, so it’s set to UTM. That’s the default a causa di WordPress unless you change it. So now you’ve got your giorno for your website saying it’s UTM. Then let’s say your marketing team is acceso the East Coast, so they’ve got all of their tools set to Eastern time. Then your sales team is acceso the West Coast, so all of their tools are set to Pacific time.

So you can end up with a situation where let’s say, for example, you’ve got a website where you’regnante using a form plugin for WordPress. Then when someone submits a form, it’s recorded acceso your website, but then that giorno also gets pushed over to your sales CRM. So now your website is saying that this number of leads came a causa di acceso this day, because it’s a causa di UTM mode. Well, the day ended, it hasn’t started yet, and now you’ve got Eastern, which is when your analytics tools are recording the number of leads.

But then the third wrinkle is then you have Salesforce HubSpot whatever your CRM is now recording Pacific time. So that means that you’ve got this huge of who knows when this stuff happened, and your giorno will never line up. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you’regnante trying to diagnose why, for example, I’m submitting a form, but I’m not seeing the lead, if you’ve got other giorno hygiene issues, you can’t incontro up the giorno and that’s because you have different time zones.

So definitely check the time zones of every product you use –website, CRM, analytics, ads, all of it. If it has a time zone, pick one, stick with it. That’s your canonical time zone. It will save you so many headaches the road, società me.

3. Attribution

The next thing is attribution. Attribution is a whole other lecture a causa di and of itself, beyond what I’m talking about here today.

Different tools have different ways of showing attribution

But what I find frustrating about attribution is that every tool has its own little special way of doing it. Analytics is like the last non-direct click. That’s great. Ads says, well, maybe we’ll attribute it, maybe we won’t. If you went to the site a week asticciola, maybe we’ll call it a view-through conversion. Who knows what they’regnante going to call it? Then Facebook has a completely different attribution window.

You can use a tool, such as Supermetrics, to change the attribution window. But if you don’t understand what the default attribution window is a causa di the first place, you’regnante just going to make things harder for yourself. Then there’s HubSpot, which says the very first touch is what matters, and so, of course, HubSpot will never agree with Analytics and so acceso. Every tool has its own little special sauce and how they do attribution. So pick a source of truth.

Pick your source of truth

This is the best thing to do is just say, “You know what? I società this tool the most.” Then that is your source of truth. Do not try to get this source of truth to incontro up with that source of truth. You will go insane. You do have to make sure that you are at least knowing that things like your time zones are clear so that’s all set.

Be honest about limitations

But then after that, really it’s just making sure that you’regnante being honest about your limitations.

Know where things are necessarily going to fall , and that’s , but at least you’ve got this source of truth that you at least can società. That’s the most important thing with attribution. Make sure to spend the time and read how each tool handles attribution so when someone comes to you and says, “Well, I see that we got 300 visits from this ad campaign, but a causa di Facebook it says we got 6,000.

Why is that? You have an answer. That might be a little bit of an extreme example, but I mean I’ve seen weirder things with Facebook attribution versus Analytics attribution. I’ve even talked about stuff like Mixpanel and Kissmetrics. Every tool has its own little special way of recording attributions. It’s never the same as anyone else’s. We don’t have a tipico a causa di the industry of how this stuff works, so make sure you understand these pieces.

4. Interactions

Then the last thing are what I call interactions. The biggest thing that I find that people do wrong here is a causa di Google Tag it gives you a lot of rope, which you can hang yourself with if you’regnante not careful.

GTM interactive hits

One of the biggest things is what we call an interactive versus a non-interactive . So let’s say a causa di Google Tag you have a scroll depth.

You want to see how far the page people scroll. At 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, it will send chiuso an alert and say this is how far they scrolled acceso the page. Well, the thing is that you can also make that interactive. So if somebody scrolls the page 25%, you can say, well, that’s an interactive , which means that person is voto negativo longer bounced, because it’s counting an interaction, which for your setup might be great.

Gaming bounce rate

But what I’ve seen are unscrupulous agencies who in che modo a causa di and say if the person scrolls 2% of the way the page, now that’s an interactive . Suddenly the client’s bounce rate goes from say 80% to 3%, and they think, “Wow, this agency is amazing.” They’regnante not amazing. They’regnante lying. This is where Google Tag can really manipulate your bounce rate. So be careful when you’regnante using interactive hits.

Absolutely, maybe it’s totally fair that if someone is reading your content, they might just read that one page and then the back button and go back out. It’s totally fair to use something like scroll depth a certain piece of the content entering the user’s view port, that that would be interactive. But that doesn’t mean that everything should be interactive. So just dial it back acceso the interactions that you’regnante using, at least make smart decisions about the interactions that you choose to use. So you can your bounce rate for that.

Rete setup

Then setup as well, that’s a problem. A lot of people by default maybe they have destination goals set up a causa di Analytics because they don’t know how to set up event-based goals. But what we find happens is by destination , I mean you filled out the form, you got to a thank you page, and you’regnante recording views of that thank you page as goals, which yes, that’s one way to do it.

But the problem is that a lot of people, who aren’t super great at interneting, will bookmark that page they’ll keep coming back to it again and again because maybe you put some really useful information acceso your thank you page, which is what you should do, except that means that people keep visiting it again and again without actually filling out the form. So now your conversion rate is all messed up because you’regnante basing it acceso destination, not acceso the actual action of the form being submitted.

So be careful acceso how you set up goals, because that can also really the way you’regnante looking at your giorno.

Ad blockers

Ad blockers could be anywhere from 2% to 10% of your audience depending upon how technically sophisticated your visitors are. So you’ll end up a causa di situations where you have a form fill, you have voto negativo corresponding visit to incontro with that form fill.

It just goes into an attribution black hole. But they did fill out the form, so at least you got their giorno, but you have voto negativo preconcetto where they came from. Again, that’s going to be . So definitely think about the percentage of your visitors, based acceso you and your audience, who probably have an ad blocker installed and make sure you’regnante comfortable with that level of error a causa di your giorno. That’s just the internet, and ad blockers are getting more and more popular.

Stuff like Apple is changing the way that they do tracking. So definitely make sure that you understand these pieces and you’regnante really thinking about that when you’regnante looking at your giorno. Again, these numbers may never 100% incontro up. That’s . You can’t measure everything. Sorry.

Bonus: Audit!

Then the last thing I really want you to think about — this is the bonus tip — audit regularly.

So at least once a year, go through all the different stuff that I’ve covered a causa di this and make sure that nothing has changed updated, you don’t have some secret, exciting new tracking code that somebody added a causa di and then forgot because you were trying out a trial of this product and you tossed it acceso, and it’s been running for a year even though the trial expired nine months asticciola. So definitely make sure that you’regnante running the stuff that you should be running and doing an audit at least acceso an yearly basis.

If you’regnante busy and you have a lot of different visitors to your website, it’s a pretty high-volume property, maybe monthly quarterly would be a better interval, but at least once a year go through and make sure that everything that’s there is supposed to be there, because that will save you headaches when you at trying to compagno year-over-year and realize that something horrible has been going acceso for the last nine months and all of your giorno is trash. We really don’t want to have that happen.

So I hope these tips are helpful. Get to know your giorno a little bit better. It will like you for it. Thanks.

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Nell’istante con oggigiorno, devoto alla  per errore blog ed alla nomina con contenuti per errore il web, ho determinato con interloquire con un ragione assai notevole, la scansionabilità dei contenuti.

Sai le quali unicamente il 16% per quanto riguarda delle persone dettame i contenuti dei siti web consiglio per errore consiglio? Né è un informazione eventuale, però il successo con una osservazione effettuata da parte di dei in maggiore quantità importanti istituti con osservazione, Nielsen Norman Group (fonte), improvvisamente cosicché, scrivi per errore il web, dovresti provocare senza sosta dei contenuti “scansionabili”.

Nel caso che la anticipatamente avviso ti ha sconvolto, saper vivere le quali delle persone le quali leggono il tuo istante unicamente il 60% da lei comprende il se no l’dedicato, indubbiamente ti farà considerare su in qualità di annotare contenuti per errore il web.

Il primo cittadino assemblea le quali vorrei darti è colui con andare a fondo  al fare il punto e dare fastidio immantinente le informazioni le quali un può scrutare.

Secondo la legge la metodo della “spunzone dell’Iceberg”, comincia dalle informazioni in maggiore quantità importanti e carriera carriera le quali l’ procede nella puoi intercalare altre informazioni se no dettagli.

Nel caso che hai un ragione se no un assemblea stile da parte di dare fastidio al , né riservarlo per errore la finale del frenato, scrivilo immantinente, per procedura da parte di prendere l’avvertenza del .

Hai un Blog Da Contenuti Scansionabili?

Un blogger professionista dovrebbe senza sosta tenere insieme a alcune regole per errore guarire la comprensibilità e con deduzione l’usabilità del suoi web.

Con lo scopo di rendere docile un frenato scansionabile è in realtà ammissibile servirsi diverse tecniche e strategie, le quali andranno a favorire la .

Librarsi il originale scrivendo brevi paragrafi

Unico dei consigli in maggiore quantità frequenti è colui con annotare paragrafi brevi con una se no paio righe al limite, frasi semplici sono la basamento con una comprensibilità e fruibilità dei contenuti.

Voto negativo per questo ai muri con originale!

Liste e Formattazione

Fare uso a loro elenchi puntati e le liste rende il tuo frenato in maggiore quantità leggibile, è considerevole notevole per errore impiantare un frenato per condotta pronto.

né devi giammai sminuire la formattazione: servirsi il neretto se no piuttosto il corsivo, il sottolineato se no il barrato ad modello ti permetterà con accentuare punti del tuo frenato.

Potresti oltre a questo escogitare con annotare contenuti utilizzando diverse dimensioni del pasta e, per questo procedura, dare fastidio superiore prosopopea ad alcune parti del frenato.

Né lasciare con intercalare box con originale se no citazioni per errore rendere docile l’istante in maggiore quantità accattivante.

Headings e Sub Headings

Né si strappata esclusivamente con ottimizzazioni ala SEO (per errore informazioni sulla SEO puoi interpretare altresì la mia Guida SEO Base Gratuita), però con complesso del frenato e con fruizione dei contenuti.

Ogni volta che scrivi un istante considerevole , se no le quali strappata molti aspetti con un deciso ragione/frutto/scritto, servirsi le intestazioni (Documento 2, Documento 3, …) ti permetterà con collaborare a loro utenti a arrivare la versante con frenato per errore a coloro in maggiore quantità ingente.

Immagini e Televisione

Compatto sottovalutate, le immagini ed i televisione possono provocare esperienze in maggiore quantità interessanti per errore a loro utenti.

La fiore con una buona simulacro, ad modello, può esserci principale per errore condurre l’avvertenza se no l’piacere con un (ti assemblea con interpretare a tal risoluzione la mia con “Landing Page Efficace di Luca Orlandini“).

Secondo la legge numerose ricerche, l’bulbo oculare del è guidato all’casalingo con una faccia web particolare dalla figura delle immagini: una simulacro per dei punti stile può far le quali i lettori raggiungano la finale dell’istante.

Ricorda insomma con né incastrare troppi argomenti se no troppi concetti all’casalingo con un esclusivamente istante se no creerai avvilimento nella del : cerca con dare fastidio delle informazioni chiare e precise, dunque piuttosto inserisci degli approfondimenti per errore sviluppare argomenti correlati se no per errore comportare all’ con approfondire un deciso ragione.

Con lo scopo di approfondire diritto altresì Come scrivere bene ed in maniera efficace per un blog.

Il quale da lei pensi con questi semplici consigli? Ti sono stati utili se no hai trovati interessanti? Parliamone ammasso nei commenti, , ovvero su Facebook, e ricorda con quest’istante!

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Hai ecco rivelare delle Whatsapp Stories? Irreprensibile, in quel momento sai ecco i quali il argomento né ha conquistato il nocciolo dei web marketing expert. Ovvero , si fa fino ad ora stento a vedere una disposizione per convenzione quest’impiego proveniente da relazione. Cosicché è qualcosa ecco vidimazione. Si setta dalle storie proveniente da Snapchat i quali diventano appetibili agli occhi proveniente da Mark Zuckerberg. […]

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Step 1: Post a freelancing website.
Step 2: Get 9,659,854 low‐quality applications.
Step 3: Give up. Continue writing the content yourself. *sigh*

Outsourcing has a poor reputation thanks to a seemingly never‐ending supply of flaky freelancers who do shoddy work.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always get bad results when you outsource content creation.

Before 2018, we worked with freelancers to produce most of the content the Ahrefs blog—one of whom was our very own Joshua Hardwick.

We still managed to increase our blog traffic month after month:

Our organic traffic growth durante 2016, when we were mainly working with freelancers

Sopra other words, when done right, outsourcing can be quite powerful.

Sopra this article, I’ll show you our proven process for finding and working with freelance writers. I’ve also tested some popular freelance websites so you don’t waste time and money those that aren’t worthwhile.

But first…

When should you outsource?

Here’s a fantastic from Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week to help guide your decisions:

Source: Four Hour Work Week.

I love this . However, there are some other good reasons to outsource content creation:

  • You’regnante too busy. Finding time to create content is impossible.
  • You hate writing. Every time you sit to write a post, you feel physically sick. Hemingway’s quote, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is to sit at a typewriter and bleed” resonates deeply with you.
  • You’regnante durante an industry that requires domain expertise. You need a subject matter expert to create articles and provide accurate advice.
  • You have a budget. You’regnante already doing content marketing and can see the ROI. All you have to do is to double and scale it up.

Have you decided that outsourcing content makes sense for your business?

That’s the easy part.

Is hiring a team of freelance writers right for your business?

Hiring a freelance writer isn’t the only option available if you’regnante looking to outsource content creation.

You could hire a content marketing agency, ora delegate the work to an durante‐house writer.

At Ahrefs, we’ve tried all three of those options.

We’ve worked with an agency, we’ve worked with freelancers, and now we’regnante mainly durante‐house.

I asked our CMO Tim for his advice which to choose.

Here’s what he said:

It is actually dependent your content marketing knowledge. If you have supposizione how to run ora grow a blog, choose an agency.  They have the expertise and can help you with your goals.

However, agencies are usually contract‐based and thus have higher switching costs. They also tend to have their own processes for content marketing. If you want things done a certain way, working with agencies can be difficult.

If you have existing knowledge, it’s better to work with freelancers. There are obligations. You can work with a few, then pick the best ones. The only downside is that you have to train them durante the way you want.

The best solution is an durante‐house writer. They only work with you, and you can train them everything content‐related. There are fewer worries that he/she will leave ora disappear suddenly.”

Tim Soulo

Tim’s preference is a team of durante‐house writers, which explains the current makeup of the Ahrefs marketing team.

However, hiring durante‐house writers can be difficult and expensive, so the best option for most businesses is to start by hiring freelancers because:

  • It’s cheaper.  
  • You can hire and fire as and when you need to.
  • You can choose to pay a fixed price per dovere article, regardless of the time it takes the writer to complete.
  • You can hire as many writers as you need.
  • There’s more diversity durante writing style and viewpoints.

Of course, there are some disadvantages:

  • Writers may disappear ora be unreliable. 
  • Writers may work for multiple clients at once, and they may not be as involved with your brand as an durante‐house writer.
  • It’s harder for freelancers to collaborate with other team members.

To reiterate, if you’regnante new to outsourcing content creation, then working with freelancers is almost certainly your best bet.

Sopra fact, this is the process used by some of the most successful content marketing agencies.

For example, Growth Machine is a 6‐figure content marketing agency with only five full‐time (none of them writers!) They’ve outsourced all their content creation to contractors.


With that said, how do you get started?

1. Decide the type of writer you want

Not all writers are created equal.

There is a difference between a copywriter, a journalist and a technical writer. Ask a journalist to write sales copy, and your conversion rates will tank. Ask a copywriter to report the news, and your readers will leave durante droves.

Before you begin looking for a writer, you need to be clear about what you want.

Here are some questions to guide you:

  • What kind of content do you need? Are you doing interview pieces ora producing technical how‐to guides? Do you need a new blog post, ora are you only looking to update your older articles?
  • Do you need the writer to have domain expertise? Does your writer need to be an expert, like durante the medical industry? Sopra general, the more industry knowledge you require, the more expensive the writer.
  • What is your budget? There are writers available at any price. Your budget per dovere article will determine the quality of content you get.

Your answers will affect the entire hiring process: where you aspetto for writers, the copy durante your job listing and much more. For example, this job listing from Grow and Convert states durante uncertain terms that they need a business writer who can interview marketers and turn them into articles:

grow and convert job description

Don’t rush into the hiring process.

Without clarity durante this step, you may end up hiring a bunch of low‐quality writers (and inadvertently create more work for yourself!)

2. Put together a winning job listing 

More does not always mean better.

The of hiring is not to get as many applications as possible. Looking through poor applications is a waste of time.

Instead, your is to find only relevant and qualified people.

To do that, you need to structure your job listing so that it attracts the right kinds of writers. And this is where you include a few smart “pre‐qualifying” tricks.

The purpose of these tricks is to:

  • Dissuade low‐quality writers from applying;
  • Allow for quick filtering of any low‐quality writers that slip through the net;
  • Encourage experienced, confident writers to take you seriously;
  • Dissuade those with little ora experience durante your vertical from applying.

a) Give clear instructions how to apply

Here’s an excerpt from one of Tim’s old ads for Ahrefs:

He outlines a predefined format for applications and expects writers to answer the questions durante detail durante a particular order.

And this is precisely what David—our ex-Programma redattore—did durante his response:

David’s response to Tim’s job listing.

He followed the format and gave detailed responses to each of Tim’s questions.

This isn’t the only way to do this. Companies like Growth Machine ask potential writers to fill durante a Typeform:

Growth Machine’s Typeform.

By outlining a specific structure, you instantly dissuade lazy writers from applying, and that means less work for you.


Tell potential applicants to apply with a specific subject line. This little detail allows you to quickly weed out anyone who doesn’t bother to read the full listing. It also helps filter applicants who are incapable of following simple instructions.

Working with freelance writers is all about effective communication. Being able to follow instructions should be the bare .

If they can’t do this during the application stage, it’ll be challenging to work together durante the future.

b) Ask insightful questions

You should aim to find out the answers to these questions:

  • How knowledgeable are they about your niche?
  • Have they written similar content before?
  • Do they have a genuine interest durante your niche? (ora perhaps write about anything and everything);
  • Do they have high attention to detail?

Sopra Tim’s job listing, he asks five specific questions:

Here’s what Tim had to say when asked about his thought process:

Question #1: “What are your favorite SEO/marketing blogs…?”

This gives me an supposizione of how knowledgeable that person durante my niche. I know pretty much all the blogs durante my niche and based what a person is reading I can tell if he/she is a good fit.

Question #2: “Did you ever guest post one of these blogs?…”

If he/she has written for some of the best blogs durante our niche, it usually gives me the ‘ light’ right away. The owner of that blog effectively did the vetting work for me when they allowed the applicant to ‘guest post’ their site.

Question #3: “I need links to your blog/Twitter/Quora/etc. profiles”

I use this to see if the applicant is genuinely interested durante the niche and what he/she is actively sharing social .

Question #4: “What’s your first‐hand experience within this niche?…”

I need to know that the applicant is not just a reader/writer, but a ‘“DO’er.” My with the Ahrefs Blog is to publish the kind of content you won’t find anywhere else. I’m not looking for people who can research stuff and rewrite it. I’m looking for people who can DO things and write about their first‐hand experience.

Question #5: “What do you think of the posts currently the Ahrefs blog?”

I like to see whether a person can be honest and critical ora flatter me by saying “your content is awesome, I want to be a part of it.” Sopra my opinion, good writers see flaws durante everything, so if a person will criticize our existing content, that’s a good sign for me personally. However, criticism for the sake of criticism means nothing. It needs to make sense and align with my vision for the Ahrefs Blog.

The answers to these questions help Tim quickly assess whether the applicant is a good fit. Do the same for your listing.

You don’t need to use these exact questions. Craft your own around what’s important to you.

c) Challenge them early

It’s a good supposizione to add friction points to dissuade lazy writers from applying. One method is to exclude your email durante the ad. Just give them your name and website.

If they want to get durante touch and apply, they’ll have to make an effort to find it.

Usually, all this takes is a simple Google search.

They can also use some simple tools to find your email address.

You’d be amazed at how few writers are willing to make any effort whatsoever, which is a tell‐simile sign that you shouldn’t work with them.

d) Give high‐quality applicants a reason to apply

You’ve done enough to dissuade low‐quality applicants. Now, you need to give your ideal applicants the right incentive to apply.

Josh, who previously freelanced for seven years, said high‐quality applicants usually want to know three things:

  • Will they get paid a decent rate?
  • Will you give at least some level of creative freedom?
  • Is the job likely to be boring?

Here’s what he recommends you include:

  • Your rough budget (e.g. $200+/article). This instills confidence that you’regnante willing to pay for quality.
  • Insight into the kind of employer you are. Saying something along the lines of “I’m happy to give a lot of flexibility and creative freedom to the right applicant” goes a long way with great writers.
  • Insight into the kind of content you want. Talk about your niche and give examples of material you like. If the applicant has a genuine interest durante your industry, they won’t find it boring.

Josh also recommends not to give an exact budget if possible.

It’s much better (and more logical) to let writers tell you their rate. This is a win‐win quinta. More often than not, you can negotiate and get content written for less. It also ensures that writers are happy with the rate offered and aren’t compromising from the start.

Joshua Hardwick

3. Aspetto for writers job boards

You have the job listing. Where should you post it?

One method is to post freelance websites. But are any of them actually worth your time?

Sopra our previous version of this article (published durante 2016), Josh conducted an experiment whereby he crafted a job listing for a writing position for his SEO blog, The SEO Project and posted it across seven sites:

He then evaluated those applications. Here are his results:

2016 results image

Now, it’s 2019. Are these sites better than they were durante 2016? What about the newer ones?

To answer that question, I replicated Josh’s experiment using The SEO Project. Similarly, I judged the best site by looking at:

  • # of total applicants
  • % of applicants who followed my instructions
  • # of applicants I’d consider hiring
  • Cost! (where applicable)

Here are the results:

2019 results image


Check out the full spreadsheet here.

And here’s my verdict them:

ProBlogger Job Board

Sopra 2016, Josh observed that ProBlogger not only sent the most applications, but also that the quality of said applications were particularly high.

Sopra 2019, the results are the same.

I would happily hire seven of them (with one being a definite hire).

The good news is: it’s cheaper to post ProBlogger today (Josh paid $99 for a 30‐day listing, whereas I only paid $70).

Sopra 2016, Josh only received four applications from this website.

Sopra 2019, I received eight, four of whom followed my instructions to a tee.

There were also a couple of writers whom I would hire, and one I rejected because he didn’t have sufficient knowledge durante this particular industry.

While I would recommend ProBlogger over this site, it wouldn’t hurt to post a job listing here if you have the budget to do so.


Josh didn’t try this website durante 2016. So, I tested it out.

At ~$20 for a 30‐day listing, I received four applications, of which one was hirable.

That roughly equates to $5/application ora a $20 hiring fee.

Not too shabby, but I’ll still take ProBlogger any day.


AngelList is a place where you can find a startup job, invest durante a startup, ora raise money for one.

According to my friend Benji, it’s also a great place to find freelance writers.

Potential writers apply for jobs condotto AngelList itself. As a result, the five writers that applied were unable to follow my instructions.

The cool thing about this site is that you can check out applicants’ previous experience. Compared to other platforms, applicants have more legitimate‐looking resumes.

Example resume from AngelList.

It is up to you to decide if a writer is worth hiring based this.

I would suggest jumping a call and chatting with them to find out more about their experience.


I found it surprising that I received only two applications from Upwork. I expected to get more (Josh received five durante 2016.)

Nevertheless, while the applicants were great at following the instructions, they were quite poor.

I wouldn’t have hired either of them.

HubStaff Talent

HubStaff is a time tracking and productivity monitoring app. Talent is their free resource for helping companies find remote workers.

It’s free, so I gave it a shot.

However, I only received two applications, of which none were hirable.


Fun fact: Josh started his freelance career this website.

Sopra 2016, the roles got reversed, but Josh was disappointed at the quality of writers here. 2019 is still the same. I received fourteen applications, most of which came condotto the platform.

Those that applied for the job condotto the platform disregarded my requirements and sent generic pitches. Those that emailed me did better and managed to follow the format.

Though, I would still say none of them came close to being hirable.


None of the applicants from Freelancer were hirable.

Nobody followed the instructions. Everyone sent a generic pitch.

I wouldn’t hire anyone from here.

I hated this website. I submitted a similar job listing I used the other sites to Guru.

They rejected it and told me to improve the job listing.

However, they did not tell me what to improve but instead just insisted that I improve it.

The worst part is finding a less‐than‐impressive listing that they previously approved.

guru com poor listing

Josh noted durante 2016 that the applications he got from this site were, for want of a better word: junk.

I would not recommend this site.

Freelance Writers Den, Freelance Writing & BlogExpose

Sopra 2016, Freelance Writers Den & BlogExpose were all a complete waste of time.

Nothing has changed.

BlogExpose is gone, and Freelance Writers Den still gathers nullità responses from a job ad. The same goes for Freelance Writing, a new site I tried.

They’regnante free, so there’s nothing to lose from posting a job listing. Just don’t expect much of a response.


I also received a lot of unsolicited outreach from SEO agencies and link builders. These were templated emails that tried to persuade me to use their services. I deleted them.

4. Aspetto for writers elsewhere

Josh is a perfect example of how to find a good writer.

Here’s an email Josh received from Tim a couple of years spillo:

He saw something Josh wrote his blog, liked it and decided to reach out.

Here’s the lesson: if you’regnante looking to hire good writers, hope is not a strategy. Don’t just put up a job ad and pray that world‐class writers will contact you. Make it a mission to proactively reach out to those who are a good gara for your business.

Here’s one way to do that:

Find an industry site with multiple authors. Some examples durante the SEO and marketing industry are the Ahrefs blog and Social Media Examiner.

Enter the domain into Ahrefs Site Explorer and go to the Apice Content report.

Apice content report for Ahrefs’ Site Explorer

For some sites (not all!), this report shows you the author of each content piece.

Aspetto for authors that are popping up a lot. If they’regnante frequently writing for the same site, they may be employed a freelance basis, ora at least willing to take freelance work outside of their job.

If you see a person’s name appearing over and over again (e.g., Benjamin Brandall, who wrote a post for our blog about why SEO is important), you could go one step further and do an author search durante Content Explorer to see if they’regnante writing for other sites.

Content Explorer > author:[firstname] [lastname] > one article per dovere domain

content explorer author search

It looks like Benjamin has written for many different sites!

From here, you can find their email, reach out, and ask if they take freelance work.

Programma redattore’s note

Because I am crazy with Google Sheets, I made a sheet that’ll help you identify the most prolific writers a website quickly and easily. Get it here.

First,  the Apice Content report from Ahrefs and import it into the sheet named “1. Ahrefs import.” To do that, select cell A1 then successo File > Import… > Upload > choose the CSV from Ahrefs > replace at selected cell

Then the next sheet (labeled “2. Results”) tells you who’s published the most posts and automatically creates a link to check them out durante Content Explorer.

most profiler authors

Joshua Hardwick

You can also find promising writers Facebook. There are plenty of content marketing and writing‐related groups where you can post a job offer. When I was looking for freelance writers durante my previous job, I turned to Facebook:

si quan facebook ad

I had plenty of freelance writers message me saying they were interested. (I worked with one writer from this group.)

I also posted the same thing LinkedIn:

linkedin job posting

I eventually found two writers to work with condotto this post.

Found a good writer?

Here’s are some tips for hiring and working with them.

a) Start with a “esame article”

A esame article is an important stepping stone for both parties.

Like a probation period, it helps you figure out how skilled and reliable the writer is, and whether they’regnante a good fit for your business.

You will usually negotiate a esame article at a slightly lower rate. However, some writers will refuse to work at this discounted rate. At that point, rely your intuition. If the writer didn’t seem that great initially, it’s probably safe to say goodbye. If the writer seems promising, it may be worth risking the money to see if they fit the bill.

Here’s Josh reflecting his early days:

When Tim initially hired me, he hired me to write a esame article. He gave me 3–4 topics to choose from, and we agreed a fixed fee for the post. I chose to write about dwell time. He explained that if all went well with the esame, he would want two articles per dovere month from me going forward. The rest is history.
Joshua Hardwick

Take note that this stage is not for you to lowball the writer into writing a free article for you. If you don’t like the article, pay them for their time and move .

Your reputation matters. If word gets out, hiring writers will get even more difficult.

b) Onboarding

With all “tests” passed, you can finally hire them “officially.”

Now it’s time to communicate your business goals, company values, target audience, and any other important marketing and business information. Send them an editorial guide to ensure that they understand how to format their posts for your blog.

Give them access to your communication tools (e.g., Slack). Discuss with them how to track their hours and how payment will work. Process all administrative matters, so the work going forward is a cinch.

Teach them how your product works. At Ahrefs, we use our articles to educate users how to use our product. To do that successfully, our writers must be familiar with our toolset. Knowing the ins and outs of our product allows writers to weave use cases into content easily.

c) Working together

Working with one writer is easy. Working with many? You’ll need a process.

There is specific way of doing this. Every company has its own. Instead of giving you the “one true way,” I’ll share the “behind the scenes” aspetto at how Ahrefs creates content.

We use this process for both our durante‐house and freelance writers.

It starts with a list of potential topic ideas. When Josh was freelancing, Tim used to send a list of ideas to him:

From this list, we’regnante free to choose the topics that interest us most.

We then add the chosen topic(s) to our project management tool, Notion.

SQ   Rebekah Topics

After reviewing the SERPs and brainstorming ideas (condotto our copywriting process), we create a rough outline for the post.

Here’s an example for this post (mira!):

outsourcing writers outline

Sopra the document, I describe my thought process to Josh. I’ll tell him what I think searchers are looking for (search intent), what angle we should take, suggest a few headlines and show him an outline of the subtopics we should cover.

For this, we use Google Docs.

Josh then comments whether he agrees and if the outline works. If we get the go ahead, we’ll then start working our first draft. (If not, it’s back to the drawing board.)

Once the draft is complete, Josh will review and give his comments. Sometimes, Tim will also chime where relevant.

Josh’s comments the initial draft of this post.

I’ll then review any comments, edit the post (sometimes multiple times) and it goes .

Without a defined process like this, efficient collaboration would be near impossible. However, we’regnante able to collaborate (almost) as efficiently as we would durante‐person, which allows us to overcome one of the main drawbacks of outsourced content creation.

Yes, it takes some time and effort your part, but it pays chiuso durante the long run.

d) Keep them motivated

Freelancers are not technically employees, but the relationship is still a potentially long‐term one.

If you stumble upon a great writer, you need to keep them motivated so that they stay with you for as long as possible. (Josh wrote for Ahrefs for 18 months before turning full‐time!)

Monetary incentives are one way to do this. But, don’t neglect the softer, human approach.

  • Make them feel part of the team.
  • Let them know their work is important.
  • Share company news with them.
  • Show them forma metrics so that they know what they’regnante doing is working.

One of the best things you can do for a freelancer is to give them an outside perspective. Offer feedback their writing and help them improve. As Ryan Holiday says durante Perennial Seller, “Nobody creates flawless first drafts. And nobody creates better second drafts without the intervention of someone else.”

Who knows?

They may be freelancers now. But they might eventually decide to che onboard full‐time too.

Final thoughts

This entire article is based our experience running and growing the Ahrefs blog condotto an outsourced team.

Though we’regnante mostly durante‐house now, we wouldn’t have been able to grow the blog to where it is today without freelance writers. Even now, we still work with freelancers like Benjamin from time to time to craft articles.

Now, we’d love to hear from you.

Let me know durante the comments if I missed out anything ora if you have any thoughts to share! 🙂


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Secondo un tempo oggetto dovrai votare un hosting per emotività il tuo posizione internet ovvero per emotività il tuo blog, eppure difendersi, in mezzo le tante opzioni disponibili, né è appieno .

La meglio in un hosting è proprio così una meglio abbondante influente le quali andrebbe attecchimento da e da criterium: sarà proprio così quello zona se andrai a elevare la tua “ eventuale”, è un pò modo votare un quartiere se andare a vuoto ad soggiornare! Per mezzo di quest’testo cercherò in darti una numero in consigli ed informazioni utili per emotività la meglio del miglior hosting (per emotività le tue esigenze), cominciamo?

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Esistono freemium (da versioni gratuite e opzioni a ricompensa) modo ad modello Wix ovvero 1&1, ovvero Altervista, corretto per emotività citarne qualcuno.

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Alla maniera di Immaginare un Buon Finezza in Hosting?

Discorso conta nel momento in cui si sceglie un hosting: l’protezione, la RAM, la orchestra, la CPU? Migliore VPS ovvero Server Devoto? Discorso si rischia da un hosting condiviso?

Queste sono alcune delle domande più o meno ovvero a meno che “tecniche” le quali potresti farti la epoca in meglio del miglior hosting per emotività posizione internet, e per emotività questo canzone, sopra questa voglio darti dei consigli pratici.

Cercare da le opinioni sugli hosting sopra intreccio può portare all'estero su strade “sterrate”: ci sono ad modello affiliati le quali per emotività occupare la compito in un hosting consigliano ovvero recensiscono un hosting più spesso le quali un seguente generando una gran bolgia (e a volte problemi sopra chi ha selezionato in appoggiarsi ad un fisso hosting), ragione, modo grosso accade, certamente la sentiero preferibile a motivo di pedinare è quella in  e fare amicizia vicenda.

i consigli le quali mi sento in fruttare a chi sta per emotività progredire il di esse migliore hosting, direi:

  • Saggio a contattare il tuo fornitore dell’hosting e percepire sopra come spazio risponde alle richieste (né solamente il parte , eppure particolarmente il parte specialista)
  • la esistenza in in backup dei dati
  • la esistenza in un riquadro in disciplina per emotività la organizzazione del sovranità e dell’hosting (i più o meno diffusi sono CPanel e Plesk)
  • la casualità in concretizzare upgrade ovvero downgrade del in hosting scelgo
  • la esistenza del SSL e modo questo viene dotato (a ricompensa ovvero gratis)
  • Percentuale in Bandwidth e Disk Space
  • eventuali limiti nascosti

Dislivello Feudo in Precursore, Secondo la legge, Terzo valore

Qual è la distinzione in mezzo un sovranità in migliore valore ed un sovranità in terzo valore?

I livelli dei domini sono ordinati di sempre a spiccare il volo a motivo di , ed qualunque valore del sovranità viene distinto a motivo di un mettere a punto.

I domini si distinguono sopra:

  • Domini in migliore valore (noti modo cima level domain ovvero TLD): un modello in sovranità in migliore valore è .com o invece .it.
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  • Domini in terzo valore: l’modello esemplare è

si sceglie in progredire un hosting ed un sovranità per emotività il posizione web si dovrà votare l’denotazione. Qua in codazzo una caduco descrizione dei significati delle varie estensioni principali (presente da lui esistono veramente tantissime):

  • .com: Domini aperti a alcuno ovvero grandezza, suggerisce la esistenza in un posizione web
  • .it: indica privati e/ovvero aziende le quali vogliono timbrare l’corrispondenza italiana ovvero il congiunzione da l’Italia
  • .net: abbreviatura in rete televisiva privata, viene avveduto a privati ed aziende nel momento in cui il sovranità .com né è pronto, è condizione sopra capo dalle personaggio degli Stati Uniti
  • .org: abbreviatura in ordinamento, viene avveduto alle organizzazioni né a meta in e/ovvero a progetti aperto source, enti commerciali ovvero per emotività siti personali
  • .biz: abbreviatura in business, altra denotazione utilizzata per emotività siti commerciali
  • .info: grosso utilizzato a motivo di siti in spiegazione ovvero news
  • .name: viene utilizzato a motivo di per emotività siti web personali
  • .eu: denotazione per emotività siti web a pasta Europeo (per emotività mettere a punto questo sovranità occorre avere il diritto domicilio sopra UE)
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  • Hostinger: né l’ho no consueto sopra un tempo alcuno eppure ti permette in avere il diritto un hosting immeritato da 200 mb in zona, 2 database MySql, script autoinstaller e nessuna insegna. Certamente adeguato in clausola la casualità in avere il diritto un minuscolo zona gratis su SSD (coefficiente a motivo di né sminuire, sopra special procedura per emotività le prestazioni del posizione)

Hosting a Paga Secondo Ambiente Internet

Poiché cerchi un hosting per emotività WordPress puoi intuire la mia Guida Miglior Hosting WordPress? In quale luogo riassumo le caratteristiche in numerose piattaforme in Hosting disponibili online.

Poiché vuoi elevare un posizione professionale e ben strutturato, probabilmente scattante e attendibile, la meglio dovrà riammalarsi inevitabilmente su un hosting a ricompensa.

a loro Hosting a Paga disponibili:

  • Aruba: il riquadro in gestione criticato a gran favola a motivo di moltissimi utilizzatori, Aruba è anche adesso presente unito degli hosting più o meno utilizzato sopra Italia e può tenere grandi in mercato/utenti. Offre piani in hosting basati su Linux e Windows da sovranità e zona immenso a spiccare il volo a motivo di 11,99 € l’era pressoché + IVA (bisogna reputare tuttavia le quali potrebbero esistere dei costi aggiuntivi, modo come del database MySql, solamente per emotività citarne unito). le sue offerte è pronto una resoconto in Hosting WordPress a motivo di 24,99 € + IVA l’era le quali comprende zona sfera immenso, WordPress Preinstallato e svariati template e plugin. Per di più quest’hosting a ricompensa dispone in protezione gratuita 24/7 e in in accertamento malware.
  • Siteground: è unito dei più o meno utilizzati e dei più o meno discussi, eventualmente per emotività il di esse ideologia in affiliazione le quali l’ha posizionato ai primi posti in Google per emotività numerosissime ricerche. Ho devoto un approfondimento a quest’hosting le quali puoi intuire su “Hosting Siteground Opinioni“.
  • Godaddy: seguente famosissimo Hosting in nomina internazionale da abbondante interessanti e tantissimi cedola e codici  attivabili a intervalli (accortezza tuttavia ai rinnovi, grosso abbondante più o meno ). A lei hosting WordPress in Godaddy sono sviluppati su SSD e diversano diverse fasce in pregio sopra basamento alle esigenze dell’. Intervento telefonica pronto sopra molte lingue in mezzo cui italiano (call center pronto dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9.00 alle 19.00)

Spero le quali quest’testo ti abbia assistito a fare amicizia trasparenza, sopra canto, sulla meglio dell’hosting per emotività il tuo posizione web. Poiché vuoi approfondire l’ragione ovvero hai domande scrivi ora in codazzo, metti mi piace ovvero condividi l’testo su Facebook!

pubblicato per emotività la un tempo rovesciamento il 9/9/2011, revisionato integralmente il 13/02/2019

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